Friday, March 15, 2013

Trial and error ;)

Well ever since I was introduced to filofax it's been kind of a roller coaster . The reason I say that is that I've been buying and selling Filofaxes like a mad woman in order to find the Filofaxes that where more my style and that I know I will use. I won't lie I was a little jealous at first of all the people that had their big collections . So I decided I wanted to start one also. Well in a 3 weeks time I purchased:
These are the ones I sold for some reason or another they didn't work for me.

1. chameleon pocket (raspberry) =sold
2. Chameleon personal (raspberry)=sold
3. Amazona personal (almond)= sold
4. Apex A5 (fuchsia )= sold
5. Amazona personal (red)= swap
6. Malden personal (vintage pink)=sold

These are the ones that I finally decided that they are the best Filofaxes for me

7. Malden "Olivia" personal (ochre)
8. Chameleon pocket (aqua) "nemo"
9. Baroque personal. (Teal-swap) "Ariel"
10. Osterley "bleu" (personal grey)
11. Malden personal (purple)

So as you can tell I've been very busy and it was very stressfull. But I can happily say I'm loving my collection.


  1. I haven't gotten as many as you, but I've stuck to all/most of the ones that I have:(I just started this Filofax obsession in late January :P)
    1. Pocket Finsbury (in Antique Rose)
    2. Personal Metropol (in Lavender)

    And the one that I bought from you, the Personal Amazona (in Almond), I'm trying to move into right now because as much as I love my Finsbury... now that I'm taking my classes, I have no room to write in a Pocket :( Lucky, I won the Amazona :D~ Cuz it's the one I wanted. If I didn't get it, I'd probably get an APEX or something ^_^;

    1. I really never considered buying more then 1 but its hard once u get a hold of them

  2. The personal purple Malden is supposed to be on it's way to me next month. I'm not getting too excited yet, because I never believe these things until they are shipped. I love the ochre Malden as well!! Might have to find one!

    I have received my first Filofax, but sadly it's not a keeper. It's A5, was a steal of a deal from Filofax USA, but it's too big for what I need. Oh well, I tried. I have ordered the personal Aston in Orchid and the personal Finsbury in raspberry-both should arrive next week! I will have to decide between the two, because while I understand the "collection-itis", I just can't justify having too many of them sit unused. Howveer, if it's absolute love of both, then I'll have to keep them both. And then next month, I would have a total of three! (Fingers crossed!)

    1. You will love the malden in purple I just recieved mine and I love it. I also just recieved my A5 malden in ochre that I got a good deal on. So now I know I'm done I have a nice collection
      1. Personal baroque teal
      2. Personal osterley grey
      3. Malden personal ochre
      4.malden personal purple
      5. A5 malden ochre
      6.chameleon pocket aqua

  3. After many years away from Filofaxes, I was bitten - HARD - by the bug in early January when I went on a buying spree. I was happily enabled by this new found community of fellow Filofax lovers. I was on the tail end of what seems to be the end of the 2011-2012 range - there's nary a Malden to be had (almost) - and so many of the others are quickly disappearing. Those of the new range that have been revealed are less than impressive in my opinion. At any rate, I purchased 13 Filofaxes in 2 1/2 months - gave one away and am struggling with having all these others here and not being able to use them. Are they an investment? A salve for my addiction? It's funny, there actually is an addictive element to this whole thing. :

    1. I did exactly the same! I rediscovered the Filofax in early Feb. watching one of my regular handbag YT videos (another addiction of mine) and there she was unboxing a Filofax instead of a handbag!! She had taken advantage of the sale on and was showing her A5 brown and black chameleons. I couldn't even watch her video all the way through before I was opening another tab and heading to Since then, I'm up to 12 filofaxes! 12!!! A5 raspberry chameleon, black amazona, raspberry finsbury and purple malden, personal crimson malden, orange osterley, raspberry finsbury, pocket vintage pink malden, pink baroque, a red vintage one that I can't name and mini's in classic red and raspberry chameleon. I'm in the A5 purple malden for work and personal orange osterley for my personal life stuff. I think I'm good...for now. So far, the malden has been my fav, but like you said they're hard to come by. I even wrote to the company practically begging them not to discontinue them and to bring them back in more colors!

    2. Hey mj cox if u ever decide to sell your baroque in pink let me know

  4. I look as them as a collection and investment I did notice I don't like the new range which I'm glad the only one I see that would be pretty is the malden in teal and you are right alot of the older Filofaxes are disappearing.

    1. I would just go thru your Filofaxes and see which ones you don't love anymore and sell them

  5. Have you been able to find the TEAL A5 Malden? I long for it...and only see Ochre or Purple. Thanks

  6. Hello,
    My name is Kyara. I know this post is old but...I just have to ask: would you consider selling your Teal Baroque Personal? I have been trying to find the perfect filofax for me and I finally found the teal baroque....only to find that its discontinued!! I can't find it anywhere! :( I don't have any filofaxes yet because I'm still trying to find a baroque for sale....I am ready to pay ALOT for one.