Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My second true love

Well I'm a very happy girl right now guess who added a new crimson malden in personal size ????? ME, it just arrived today meet Valentina ;) . I won her on eBay, it was like bidding war till the last second but I won and Valentina was mine. Now Olivia my malden in ochre has a sister. The color is sooo pretty like a dark red. I was kind of worried it was a lighter red . The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have that distinct leather smell my malden ochre has. I think I figured out that I'm a malden woman, something about the leather that I love sooo much.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Trial and error ;)

Well ever since I was introduced to filofax it's been kind of a roller coaster . The reason I say that is that I've been buying and selling Filofaxes like a mad woman in order to find the Filofaxes that where more my style and that I know I will use. I won't lie I was a little jealous at first of all the people that had their big collections . So I decided I wanted to start one also. Well in a 3 weeks time I purchased:
These are the ones I sold for some reason or another they didn't work for me.

1. chameleon pocket (raspberry) =sold
2. Chameleon personal (raspberry)=sold
3. Amazona personal (almond)= sold
4. Apex A5 (fuchsia )= sold
5. Amazona personal (red)= swap
6. Malden personal (vintage pink)=sold

These are the ones that I finally decided that they are the best Filofaxes for me

7. Malden "Olivia" personal (ochre)
8. Chameleon pocket (aqua) "nemo"
9. Baroque personal. (Teal-swap) "Ariel"
10. Osterley "bleu" (personal grey)
11. Malden personal (purple)

So as you can tell I've been very busy and it was very stressfull. But I can happily say I'm loving my collection.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Olivia my malden ;)

well I've been wanting the malden for a while because I always here good things about them.But I couldn't decide on which one, but I did decide on the malden personal size in ochre. So I waited for it to arrive and I was not disappointed . It was love at first touch, she smelled sooo good and was very soft to the touch. The leather was thick but that's what I love. I was lost for words. Now I decided to name her Olivia my malden. I don't go anywhere without her, she has her own personal zipper pocket in my bag. So to all those Filofax lovers if you can get ahold of a malden in ochre go for it you will not be disappointed .

Friday, March 8, 2013

Love at first sight

I've always been addicted to planners since I was in high school . Every school year I would enjoy purchasing a new one, it was like a fresh start for the new year. Now that I really think about it I think the reason I never stuck to one is I never found the "ONE" as my philofaxy mates might say.

so one day I was watching you tube videos on "what's in my handbag" there was a woman that was showing what she carried in her Balenciaga . so all the sudden she takes out this pink binder which she called a "Filofax". It was love at first sight I was soooo excited that this kind of planner existed. One that I could customize the way I wanted.

So my next stop was Facebook I searched for a forum that was about only Filofaxes . And to my surprise there was, there were people like me that loved planners. So ever since then I haven't turned back and 6 Filofaxes later in a 3 week time frame I can say " my name is karina and I'm addicted to Filofaxes ;)